Commissioning tiny sneaks — FAQ's

Thank you for considering a one-of-a-kind customized baby shoe by Night Victories. Before emailing to order, I highly recommend reading through the information below. If you still have questions, feel free to email me at



Can you do a requested design?

Yes! But I like to discuss the design concept and possible back-up options prior to starting any creative process. I only start working on the shoe once the final design has been agreed upon. Please keep in mind that your original request may not translate well as a tiny shoe, which is why back-up options are key. You CANNOT change a concept once I have started working on the shoes.

How long does it take?

I request roughly 1-2 months to work on the shoe. In most cases, this includes shipping/travel time within the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S., I would add on 2-3 extra weeks on top of that just in case to make sure you receive the shoes on time.

what shoes do you use?

Converse First Stars in sizes 0-3 infant. (Size 0 infant is ideal for a baby around 2-3 months old.)

Can you use a different BABY shoe?

Yes, but only if you send me ship the shoes to me directly and I will design on those.

Are they wearable/waterproof?

Yes! However, I do caution they are painted-on works of art and a little scuffing here and there may happen over time. Please wear with caution.

Do you design bigger shoes (BIGGER KIDS/ADULTS)?

It depends on the size and shoe itself and I will only accept if you mail me the specific shoes you want designed. And as I stated in a previous answer, certain designs may not look as good on bigger shoes. So I like to discuss concepts prior to any designing.


Pricing varies depending on the shoe and design. For details, please email Shipping is included in the price.


There are no refunds under ANY circumstances once the deposit has been made and the design process has begun.